Meet the Team

Mike Grimm, Founder

Mike is the President and General Manager of Silverton Custom Homes. Founded in 1993, Mike started Silverton Custom Homes after many years of work in the industry.

Mike’s passion for construction began in 1970 when, as a college student, he began work as a laborer. He moved on to working as a subcontractor and later began his own business in the 1980’s, which led to the creation of Silverton Custom Homes.

Known professionally for overseeing the construction of about 2,000 custom homes, Mike has a knack for evaluating homesites. He is also known for creating a plan for potential homesites that is not only best for the family’s home construction, but also for the environment. Mike enjoys the creative process of home building that stems from bringing the customer’s dream into reality.

Mike works to provide a sense of integrity and confidence with customers that work with Silverton. When he is not working to create dream homes for customers, Mike enjoys volunteering with his church and spending time with close friends and family members.

Jason Grimm / 512.484.6403

Exposed to the construction industry at a young age, the Austin, Texas native received on-the-job experience from father Mike Grimm, co-founder of Silverton Custom Homes, growing up. After earning a degree in business from the University of Texas, Jason joined Silverton Custom Homes in 2005 after his sub-contracting business sold.

Jason views the home building process as a partnership and enjoys meeting interesting folks from all walks of life. He has a passion for home building and real estate and strives to provide his clients with the best products on the market.  “It’s very rewarding to assist folks with their lot selection and to guide them through the process from design to completion and then to run into them out in the community and to hear how much they love their home. Not everyone  gets to make a living doing what they love.”

He spends his free time with family, coaching youth athletics, volunteering in the Sunday school program and enjoying all that Lake Travis has to offer

Chris Willeford / 512.669.2231

Chris joined the Silverton Custom Homes team in May 2005. He graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Construction Science and completing an internship with the company while in college.

Chris describes himself as a people person who enjoys solving problems for customers. Chris oversees the construction of homes, which includes making sure specifications for homes are met, providing alternatives if decisions in the field require changes to the plan, and focusing on efficient, green homes.

A hands-on, determined professional, Chris enjoys developing a relationship with customer that goes beyond building them a home. To him, the end goal of working at Silverton Custom Homes is to construct a well-built, efficient, appealing home that will last the customer a lifetime.

Chris enjoys spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors in his free time. He has an interest in antique cars, sports and outdoor recreation. Chris is a positive, encouraging person who loves God and his family.

Dave Jackson

Learning carpentry at a young age, Dave began in the construction industry as a framer and later began to coordinate home construction projects from the ground up. Dave has worked with Silverton Custom Homes for 18 years, but has been building homes for over forty years. Dave gains satisfaction from working on home building projects with others.

A natural problem-solver, Dave provides practical options and solutions to customers during the building process. Dave enjoys helping customers and families creating the concept of a home from drawings on paper to a real custom home.

Dave describes himself as a God-fearing, honest man who loves his family and his job. He also enjoys the outdoors in his spare time and serving others in many capacities, having served in the United States Navy during a time of war.

Keith Billington / 512.934.0629

Keith Billington works in home sales at Silverton Custom Homes and joined the company recently from a different industry. He knew cofounder Mike Grimm for many years before seizing the opportunity and is excited to be part of the team.

Relationships are at the core of Keith’s role at Silverton Custom Homes, and he enjoys getting to know clients and looking for solutions to meet their needs. Keith is best at solving problems where others have said nothing can be done. A creative and passionate professional, Keith is willing to go the extra mile for clients and doesn’t give up until they are satisfied.

Keith enjoys meeting other people, which is a large part of his role at Silverton Custom Homes, and likes to cultivate those relationships to see if there’s a way the company can benefit clients.

God, family and music are three of Keith’s greatest passions. He plays in his church worship band, where his family actively attends, and enjoys spending time with them. His children will be attending the same college in 2013 and his wife is a physical therapy assistant and triathlete.

Joyce Coonrod / 512.801.7998

Joyce has been involved in the home construction industry since the early 1970’s. An Austin native, Joyce enjoys coordinating floor plans, budgeting and green options for customer homes.

Joyce’s work has been featured several times on the front page of the home section of the Statesman. She has also won several awards for her work in home building and is known for her floor plans and coordinating kitchen spaces in the new homes Silverton Custom Homes builds.

Relationships among the Silverton Custom Homes team are important. Joyce worked with the Grimm’s periodically since 1986.

Joyce has been involved in a number of organizations and associations in the Austin area. She works with her genealogy group and is a descendant of Reuben Hornsby, one of the first settlers and home builders of Travis County in the 1830’s.